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Community policing is a philosophy that places an emphasis on police community relations to tackle problems of crime, disorder and fear within a specific community. Community policing has evolved significantly with the explosion of technology since its establishment in the 1970’s but holds the core value that police community collaboration is what matters for a lawful society.

The integral dimensions of the community policing are the police engaging and interacting with the community, solving community problems and adapting internal elements of the organization to support these new strategies. Community policing is a process of better sharing of information and values by the police and the community through partnerships of mutual trust, disclosure and shared values. This mutual trust, disclosure and shared values were reinforced through regular interaction, critique and discussion.

Communitypolicing.com aims to create an atmosphere where criminal justice professionals can share their research and community policing success strategies from the classroom as well as the field in an effort to assist law enforcement professionals prevent crime and increase the quality of life within the neighborhoods they serve.

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