Mission Statement
The mission of communitypolicing.com is to promote a closer synergy between the public and police departments by informing, educating, and promoting the philosophy of community policing amongst the public, students, and police officers. We also hope to create an atmosphere where criminal justice professionals can share their research and community policing success strategies from the classroom as well as the field in an effort to assist law enforcement professionals prevent crime and increase the quality of life within the neighborhoods they serve.
Our values are community commitment, education, ethical leadership and mutual respect. With these values we hope to better serve criminal justice students and professors with their research in the area of policing. We also hope to provide information pertaining to community policing to officers and police instructors in the field so they can better serve their communities and departments. We also hope to provide information and ideas to police administrators of progressive community policing strategies to better serve their communities and departments.
Communitypolicing.com will cooperate with law enforcement agencies, law enforcement professionals, academic institutions, academic scholars, professors and community groups to promote confidence, understanding, trust and competence from the public to achieve community policing objectives.