The Five Expectations
That The Community Has Of The Police

Written By: Brad D. Natalizio on 3/11
There are five generally accepted expectations that citizens in the United States have on the police. These expectations include protection of citizens’ rights, development of police as role models, enhancement of support for rules and laws to the community, develop solutions to community crime and disorder problems and respond to citizens’ non-crime needs.

Police must protect the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens in the United States. At the same time, police must act in a manner of integrity and not violate certain rights against unreasonable search and seizure or excessive force.  Police as role models in the community is the second expectation. In order to be successful, the police must lead with integrity, be professional, be educated and work with a customer service approach. All it takes is one “bad apple” and the community may label the entire profession corrupt. The third expectation is for the police to enhance the support for rules and laws. If police are considered role models within their community, they will be able to do this in a police-community partnership. While working in collaboration, the community can also make the police aware of crime and disorder problems. These crime and disorder problems may also be brought to the attention of the police as calls for service, but it leads to the fourth expectation of developing solutions to the community’s crime and disorder problems. The community must support the rules and laws prior to the police taking action or else it may lead to conflict. The fifth expectation is responding to non-crime needs. In order to effectively respond to these needs, the police must have a working relationship with their communities.   
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